Weight Loss Tips

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Click here for Calorie Shifting

For some people, finding successful weight loss tips is like a giant Rubik’s Cube that they spend their entire lives trying to solve. A person can sit on the sidelines for years, or even decades, and watch their friends successfully lose weight while they struggle to lose just than a pound or two.

Part of the problem is that many people fall for fad diets that are ineffective, unhealthy, or both. Follow these “can’t miss” weight loss tips and you will find yourself living a longer, healthier, and thinner life in no time.

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Even more than diet, getting active and staying active is a key part of getting in shape. The problem is that when most people hear the word exercise, they immediately think of calisthenics. You can do push-ups and sit-ups if you want, but exercise is about so much more than the things you did in 6th grade gym class.

You can join an aerobics class, check out spinning, you can bike, swim, jog, or even join a dance class. A simple 30-minute walk each day is great exercise. You don’t have to do exercises you hate to get in shape; you just have to stay active.

Eat Right

The same thing goes for eating right. When most people imagine a healthy diet, they envision plates and plates of raw veggies and a complete absence of sweets and fats.

While you do want to cut down on the amount of saturated fat from things like butter, fast foods, and pre-made meals at your grocery store, expecting someone to quit sugar and fat cold turkey is absurd. No one could stick to that diet! You can have the things you love; just have smaller portions less often. That’s it. You may also think about taking a cooking class so you can prepare delicious and healthy foods in greater varieties.


Once you have mastered the two steps above, this step will be easier to handle. You have to look at the bigger picture here: if you cheat, you are only cheating yourself and you know how you will feel afterwards. If you can’t resist cheating, change your diet routine so it is more accommodating, but don’t give up.

Right State of Mind

Working hand in hand with self-discipline is staying in the right frame of mind. Our society has become obsessed with instant gratification to the point where many people are considering surgery to lose fat because they feel dieting takes too long.

You aren’t going to lose a lot of weight quickly, and if you do, you likely aren’t treating your body well, so remember to savor the small victories. Take pictures of yourself every week to see the real impact the diet is having on your body. Weigh yourself, but understand that weight goes up and down based on a lot of factors. Good weight loss tips will allow you to lose 2 or maybe 3 pounds a week at the most, sometimes less over the long haul. Losing one to two pounds each week is a very obtainable goal.  Check out more weight loss tips here.

Click here for the 10 Rules of Fat Loss


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