Weight Loss Scams

For as long as people have been trying to find that perfect, magically quick way to lose extra weight, there have been people inventing weight loss scams to separate them from their money. While some fad diets that have come along in recent years have stood the test of time, most haven’t.

For every one legitimate weight loss product, there are dozens or even hundreds of weight loss scams. While this is far from a complete list, the following are just a few of the best known weight loss scams out there. These offers may sound like just the thing you are looking for, but they are an investment in failure.

One of the best known diet scams is the Hollywood Diet drink. It is sold and marketed under many other names, but the diet consists of several bottles of a disgusting red or orange drink that looks like someone combined chunky milk and Gatorade.

According to the makers, this diet will let you lose as much as ten pounds over a 24-28 hour period. Does it work? Well, yes, it actually does. You can lose 10 pounds that quickly, but what the diet doesn’t tell you is that the weight you are losing is simply water weight that you will gain right back as soon as you begin eating and drinking like a normal person again. It is a good idea to stay away from any diet that offers that much weight loss in that short a period of time. It isn’t healthy and it is almost always a scam.

While they aren’t used nearly as much as they were ten years ago, there was a very popular fad in the recent past that involved electronic pads that you would wear on your stomach. The pads would send small electronic shocks to the muscles in your abdomen or in your arm (or anywhere else you put the pad) which would cause the muscle underneath to flex and then release.

The idea was that you could become a bodybuilder without moving a muscle. This was, of course, a complete scam as anyone with two brain cells to rub together could see. The idea, on paper, made sense, but the execution and the incredibly low quality parts used removed any chance of this idea from actually helping anyone. Well, anyone other than the guy who invented the system, sold tons of units, and is now a millionaire.

Finally, there are a million and one herbal supplements that are available on shelves today that all state they are able to help you lose weight. These supplements manage to get in under the FDA radar because they are sold as herbal products and not as medicine or as a drug. Thankfully, the government is finally beginning to crack down on these products by tightening the leash on many of these companies.

If you have chosen to take an herbal supplement, it may be able to help you lose weight in conjunction with regular exercise and eating right, but not on its own. Currently, there are no safe ways to get a healthy fit body with a pill, but you can bet drug companies the world over are hard at work trying to figure out how.

Steer clear of weight loss scams by refusing to believe unrealistic claims or hype.


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