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Abs CoverReviewer:  Elliot Erikson
Product Reviewed: The Muscle Maximizer

Are you tired of spending all that money to achieve a great muscle mass percentage?  Between the personal trainers, the time involved and the money required, it can be a very expensive goal!  This Muscle Maximizer review will explain how to spend less time and money to achieve maximum muscle gain.

This review of the Muscle Maximizer program will guide you through the process of achieving optimal muscle mass with little to no fat.   It will allow you to spend far less time and money on fitness than you would with a personal trainer and a fitness nutritionist.

The program is customized to each individual based on gender, weight, height, age and goal.  It also shows the number of hours you need to allot each week for muscle training.  A program will be tailored considering these factors to better fit your lifestyle.  The Muscle Maximizer includes four unique SMMS formulas that create a special program designed specifically for each individual.

The program also shows three additional bonus features for individuals who are serious about muscle maximization.  The somatotype method of the program avoids many negative aspects of traditional bulk-up methods that will then require you to reduce or lose the weight.

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The Muscle Maximizer kit also includes four main files, in PDF format.  The kit provides a general outline of the program, a quick start guide, a body type guide and a file that tells users why they will gain weight at the start of the program.  Also included are three free bonus programs.  This review will go over each bonus program with you to help you achieve optimized results.

Bonus One is the Somanabolic Weight Training Guide, also called the SWT.  This is a nine-week weight training program that can be followed by anyone.  You should begin this program only after you have reviewed the Muscle Maximizer program and the included program guides.  In addition to the overview file in this bonus program, five training logs in Word format are included for users.  By logging training sessions and training time, individuals are better able to keep track of the efforts and results.  It is determined that this SWT is the fastest, easiest and healthiest method available for individuals to obtain optimal muscle mass.

The second bonus program is the Somanabolic Nutrition and Supplements.  These supplements are the four unique SMMS created  and provided by the Muscle Maximizer program.  It is determined that the benefits of these somanabolic supplements are unmatched in the market today.

The third is a seven-day program for users to look their best for special occasions or events.  Although this is not a long-term solution for those wishing to gain healthy muscle mass, it works well for those one-time events you need to look your best at.  A general guide is included in this third and final bonus of the Muscle Mamizer seven-day program.  The software included in the program will allow its users to carry out the seven-day program, and continuing further for  the long-term program for optimal muscle mass.

The kit includes all the necessary tools and means to be used in the said unique program.  This only proves that the Muscle Maximizer program can be the number one program available in the market today for healthy muscle mass optimization.

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