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Strip that fat review, review of strip that fatReviewer: Elliot Erikson
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Program Reviewed: Strip That Fat

Those people looking for a way to lose weight now have a new diet program called Strip That Fat, this diet plan is growing in popularity as each day goes by. With Strip That Fat you can lose up to 2 pounds a week, using nothing more than the good nutritional advice and positive techniques outlined in the plan. According to the creators the plan is simple to adhere to and can be used for a long time.

This Strip That Fat review aims to find out if the plan is everything it promises to be. Should you invest your money into this plan? After buying the program for ourselves we have a pretty good idea of what this plan is like. This Strip That Fat review will help you determine if the plan is right for you.

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Review Of Strip That Fat

The first steps of Strip That Fat are to give you a quick course in the fundamentals of exercise and nutrition. You get a diet generator with this program, and an eBook. Together they can be very effective in helping you lose weight.

You are not simply directed what to do in a stern manner but instead the eBook is a friendly read. You will not be bored by scientific facts but instead everything is laid out simply and easy to understand. First you will be told why most diets fail. Once you realize where most diets fail, you can understand how Strip That Fat overcomes these problems.

The centerpiece of the book is 15 chapters explaining exactly how you lose weight with this plan, you will be told how you can eat out healthily, how crucial breakfast is to your weight loss regime, why eating smaller meals is good and how you can exercise throughout the day.

You will learn how legs are vital to weight loss, the secret of low intensity workouts helping you lose weight throughout your body at a fair pace.

Strip That Fat Diet Generator

Strip That Fat comes with a highly useful tool, the diet generator. You have 5 various selections of food choices, of which you can choose your preferred meals. You are not restricted on how many you choose, if you wish you can include all of them.

Once you have chosen your meals the generator will mix them all up and provide you with a meal plan for the next 14 days. It will also give you a shopping list of everything you need to buy to fulfill the plan.

You will also be told how to prepare each meal. If you want to add anything to the meal you can check the ‘acceptable condiments’ section.

You can follow Strip That Fat for a very long time, you need not worry about losing weight then putting it right back on again. The plan itself is designed to accomplish its goals in 14 days, however this does not mean you have to stop after that time. This plan is a great way to teach you about eating healthily, once the plan is over you should be aware of all you need to know in order to watch what you eat, you can become more creative with your meals while still adhering to the basic plan.

Strip That Fat Review Extras

If you choose to go for the Platinum Package of Strip That Fat you will get a special recipe book, a calorie worksheet as well as a Calworries guide.

From our research we decided the worksheet and recipes were okay, but the Calworries guide was easily worth the price of the upgrade. This guide will help you realize that burning more calories than you eat is key, it will tell you how you can be sure you do this with exercise and by watching what you eat.

Pros Of Our Strip That Fat Review

This is a good diet program, it isn’t all talk. The directions found in this guide are in no way impossible to follow, anybody could do it. You are not inundated with science you do not understand, instead you are told clearly and simply what you need to do to lose weight.

The central guide itself is 95 pages long, this is a good size because there will be plenty of advice to follow but not too much that you simply get bored and give up.

It is explained in easy to understand ways so you do not feel confused while you read.

It comes with a great tool, the diet generator, this is invaluable in helping you enjoy your meals while still losing weight.

Negatives Of Our Strip That Fat Review

Here and there we felt the guide was a little hurried. With typos and spelling mistakes, the professional look of the guide is not great, there were also some weird jokes. Although in truth these were rare and can be overlooked.

For somebody wanting to learn the science behind weight loss this guide is not for them. You will only be privy to the basic information you need in order to complete your goal in this plan.

Conclusion Of Our Strip That Fat Review

With Strip That Fat you learn that weight loss is something very much in your reach, you truly are given information that anybody can implement. You will not lose weight in a matter of weeks and then put it all back on again, it is a sustainable diet technique. Following this guide step by step will undoubtedly result in weight loss, which is after all the aim. If you are interested in losing weight in this manner then simply go to the official website for Strip That Fat.

Your efforts will make or break the plan, as with any plan. When it comes to losing weight you are only hindered by your own motivation. If you are willing to try everything you need to in order to lose weight then you will definitely be successful.

UPDATE: Strip The Fat has been taken off the market. There is another, BETTER solution for you– The 3 Week Diet. Click on the link below now to check it out.

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