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Reviewer: Elliot Erikson
Stars: 4.5 Stars
Product Reviewed: Triaxiom Fitness Stax System
Here is my Stax System review. The Stax Nutrition Lifestyle System was developed by Chris Powell, a personal trainer and author of Choose to Lose: The 7-Day Carb Cycle Solution to help David Smith lose 410 pounds.

David Smith’s story about his 410 pound weight loss has been featured on TLC, during a program called “The 650 -pound Virgin”.

The Stax Nutrition Lifestyle System is a great program for portion control and keeping track of what you eat. Included is a whole cooler with containers for 4 meals worth of carbs, protein and fats. There is a timer to let you know when you should eat meals, and the whole thing comes in a black lunch-pail looking cooler with the timer on front so you don’t miss meals (cool).

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David Smith Before and After

David Smith Before and After

The tagline for the product, “Stax is the missing link- it creates the lifestyle” definitely rings true with this product. If you’ve ever had issues with trying to organize a whole day’s worth of meals in the morning as you’re trying to get ready for work, the Stax System might be for you. I know for me, the whole ugly plastic bag filled with plastic bowls and silverware poking through it sure wasn’t very convenient.

I heard about this product some time ago through a body building forum, and thought it would be worth trying because the plastic bag method wasn’t very efficient. I had already noticed that if I didn’t pack my meals for the whole day, I’d end up either starving or gorging in the evening which wasn’t doing much for my gut.

The Stax nutrition program is perfect for adding discipline to your eating. You can pack the cooler ahead of time, know exactly what you’re putting in there and how much it equates to calorie and nutrition-wise, and then take it with you. As long as you focus on putting the right stuff in the cooler and only eating whats in there, your eating automatically stays managed.

You can probably tell that I really like this product. It actually has something new, which other programs leave out, the ACTUAL FOOD HANDLING portion of your eating day.

Especially if you’re trying to eat 4 meals or more each day like a body builder, this is really something you should try.

The whole thing is priced at $54.89, which isn’t much if you compare it to one greasy meal at a restaurant. And it goes with you all the time.

The other reason why Stax is cool is that it isn’t just for people trying to lose weight.

If you’re trying to lose weight or you’re a body builder or a figure competitor, who is used to trying to manage 6 meals a day, you should definitely check it out.

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