Six Pack Abs Diet

You don’t just get that virile, sexy mid without the proper six pack abs diet. You can do cardio routines and core strength trainings all you want and not get the desired results. Remember that six pack abs isn’t just made in the gym – it’s also cooked in the kitchen. Take a look at this sick pack abs diet guide and eat your way to that chiseled abs.


Remember that before you get into shaping that abs, you would first need to lose unwanted fat. Therefore, be mindful of your calorie intake and make sure that you’re getting in the proper amount. Daily calorie needs vary from person to person with many factors involved. These factors involve age, weight, height, activities and body composition. There are many calorie calculators that you could use for calculating calorie needs, but as a safe start, you would want to reduce your daily calorie maintenance intake by 15-20%. You could then increase it according to your weight loss goal.


Just because you are losing body fats doesn’t mean you don’t need to take in some fats. Yes, fat is also essential for your body- if taken at a minimum. Fats help your body work properly and will help keep you from getting too starved. Each person has its own fat needs. That is, equivalent to 20% of the body weight. So if you weigh 130 lbs, your fat needs are equal to 26 grams. Distribute this to your meals except during your pre and post workout meals.


You’re on your way to losing some body fats and would want to limit your carb intake. In your six pack abs diet, you’d want to take maximum control of your insulin levels and restrain yourself from starving too much.

Here’s the thing. We could determine your body’s carbohydrate needs based on your body weight. The necessary carbohydrates are equal to half your weight. Here’s a clear picture of the concept: For instance you weigh 100 lbs. Your carbohydrate intake must amount to 50 grams. The best time to take carbohydrates is during your post workout meal. It is because during this time, your body is going to need carbs the most and is very unlikely to get converted into fats.


You never would want to lose any lean muscle mass in your weight loss goal. When you get leaner, your body has a high tendency to use these muscles as fuel. Therefore, you need to be very mindful of your protein intake. You practically need 1.5g of protein per pound of body weight. Also, to help your body in its recovery process, don’t forget to take 20 grams of protein before and after your training. This will keep your body from having muscle loss.


Keep in Mind!

            No matter what diet you are in; don’t forget these tips to get quicker, more effective results.

  • Post- Workout Meals. Most people come to believe that by skipping this meal, their bodies will burn off fats more effectively. The truth is; this meal is essential because the food will be used to fuel the body’s metabolism.
  • Casein Protein. Casein protein is a slow digesting form of protein taking up to 7 hours to get digested. Take a dose of casein protein before going to sleep and help your body in its major muscle repairs while at sleep.
  • Fish Oil. We already know that we should take fats at a minimum. But did you know that you must include fish oil in your daily six pack abs diet? Take three to six grams of fish oil daily. This will help improve your body’s insulin sensitivity, thus reducing the possibility of converting carbs into fat.

You can never really have that sexy body overnight. It takes effort and discipline. But with the appropriate exercise and a good six pack abs diet, you’re well on your way to that chiseled, ripped abs.

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