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Program Reviewed:  No-Nonsense Muscle Building By Vince DelMonte

According to Vince DelMonte, you should get a grip on reality and stop discouraging yourself – you actually can get muscles and lose weight if you actually follow a plan. He built the plan for you to get results with his No-Nonsense Muscle Building program.

Vince’s program is more about achieving a muscular fitness model type physique instead of bulking up.

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No matter what approach he has, the program is sure to make even the scrawniest guy totally ripped with enough work and determination. Vince’s method for gaining muscles is the one he’s used over and over again on himself and the people he personally trains, and it works. It’s the perfect way for skinny guys to get ripped fast.

No-Nonsense Growth Principles

Vince’s workout program revolves around nine integral growth principles that you should follow. Whether or not they state them, you’ll find these principles in any muscle building program you choose. However, some trainers can often mistake or ignore some of the principles, which is where your progress will be stunted.

If you’re looking to make a lot of progress on your muscle gain, you have to adhere to each principle into your workout routine. Despite what seems like a lot of complex concepts, Vince’s program spells it out for you easily and plainly, so you can understand concepts like correct intensity, progressive overload, and heavy weight training.

There are even some principles that revolve around resting your body correctly. A lot of trainers fail to impress the importance of body recovery to their clients, which is where they go wrong? This idea is central to Vince’s principles, as the body has to rest properly or it will fail more easily.

Hormones are a significant chapter of his program. Proper knowledge of hormones affects your ability to gain and build muscle, so hormone knowledge is an essential part of the program. Vince’s program is specially formulated to make your muscle building hormones increase production.

Starting Your Training

Vince’s program is a step by step, periodization-based program that’s a lot more complex than just hitting the gym. Vince’s method is much different from HIT-centric regimens, when you’re mainly lifting heavy weights for a few repetitions; this program contains periodization, which will have you change sets and reps in order to stimulate different types of muscle fibers and prevent your body from adapting to the program. Each phase of the workout increases in intensity.

It can possibly be a bit confusing at first. You may want to read the program carefully in order to understand fully the benefits of taking on such a rich workout system. Luckily, the program includes a full 52-week workout plan from Vince’s members section. You’ll get calendars that outline each exercise you do that day, animations that show you how to do the exercise, and added advice for safely performing them, so you know what you’re getting into.

You’ll be going to the gym 3 times a week for have complete full-body workout routines that will build muscle. Vince’s program emphasizes creating a program for your individual needs, and Vince helps you decide if your performance shows that a lighter program might be ideal for you. You’ll also learn ways to figure out how well you’re doing.

Other important things in the training section are training in flexibility (stretching from day one), and specialty workouts intended to fix your weak spots and minimize muscle imbalances. You’ll start simply, and as you get better your techniques will become more complicated to the point where you’re doing advanced workouts.

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Cardio Training

If you’re particularly skinny and need to put on muscle before anything else, you won’t see much cardio at first. After the first month passes, however, you’ll start to incorporate it into your regular workout.

Vince’s program, despite what you may think, has a large amount of time concentrated on losing your fat, which will allow you to get the muscle in to replace it. Cardio will help you do that, and Vince’s section on it is comprehensive, with several different ways to cut fat.

Eating Plan

The most important aspect of dieting in order to build muscle is figuring out what foods will do you good, and how much of it you need to eat. Vince’s section on dieting uses a lot of science (including TEF and RMR) in order to help you figure out where you should start.

Vince’s program has an online calculated that can quickly figure out what you need to do in order to get where you need to be, whether your goal is maintenance, cutting, advanced weight gain or progressive weight gain; measurements and activity levels entered in the calculator will let you assess your progress.

The calorie intake figures may seem a bit steep to the beginner.

Vince makes it clear through his dieting section that he thoroughly understands that dieting to gain weight is harder than it seems. Vince doesn’t allow the excuses that skinnier people often have when faced with eating a lot, excuses like too fast of a metabolism, lack of appetite and already eating a lot.

Vince’s program has grocery lists, ways to clean out your pantry, and various methods of starting your new diet. There are ways to get your body to start behaving properly once you start your diet, and even methods that will help you slowly get into the diet, replacing bad food with good food that can help you gain muscle and live healthier.

Vince will also let you know about the specific intervals in which you need to feed your muscles the right nutrition, which is known as nutrient timing. Vince also has 10 No Nonsense Nutrition Rules that will help you gain muscle. Dieting will be a snap with these rules applied to it. Your weight gain will be extremely easy and quick if you hold true to them.

There are even sample diets that will help you simplify your program. With Vince’s program, you’ll have nearly three months of free meal plans, from 2,000 to 6,000 calorie diet regimens. It doesn’t get much easier that this program.

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Nowhere in Vince’s program is any mention of overly complicated diet supplements and the companies who make them. He will warn you about the people who will say anything to you to get you to buy their supplement, so ignore what they claim.

There are a few supplements that will honestly aid you on your journey, which Vince will list off in his program. Ceatine and glutamine are very beneficial for your system, and Vince will outline the ways to use them to their fullest in order to meet your personal goals.

Weight gainers and MRPs bought in a store won’t help you one iota. You can add nutrient rich shakes to your diet in order to accent it. There are recipes for beneficial weight gain shakes in Vince’s program, which are a lot better for you than the shakes you buy in a store. It’ll take more time to make, but it’ll be cheaper in the long run, not to mention delicious and beneficial. It’s fantastic.

Great Bonuses

Each person’s goals will be different. Vince will help you with your individual weight gain desires. He’ll give you three months of email consultation with his program, which will help personalize your quest for muscle.

The 52-Week Intensive Workout Plan is another plus. This is an online members section outfitted with its own workout schedule, which gives you the exercises you should do each specific day, as well as how to do that exercise and ways to optimize it for your goals. Your progress will be recorded, so you can see how you’re doing as well, which will help you immensely in your journey to fitness.

There are Empowered Nutrition 84 Day Meal Plans to help you diet. Twelve weeks of complete and detailed meal plans will be at your fingertips, no matter what level of calories you wish to take in, from 2,000 to 6,000. You’ll have delicious and varied meals six times a day. There are also recipes and grocery lists to make getting the food together easier. It’s like having a magic key to healthy dieting!

Vince’s Insane Muscle Simulator also comes with the package. This is comprehensive book illustrating hundreds of effective exercises, including advice and tricks to maximize each exercise’s benefits as you perform them – this will really help you pin down those workouts and make sure you’re doing them right.

Vince’s Supplement Files are also included. In the Supplement Files, you’ll have a list of truly reliable supplements and the brands that sell them.

In addition to all this, you’ll have access to audio clips of his fitness tips, the ability to update your program endlessly, and you can even take part in tele-seminars.

Why You Should Upgrade

You can get your program enhanced into the “Powered Upgrades Package,” which includes a lot more to help you lose weight and gain muscle for yourself.

Vince includes a way to cut fat quickly. You can definitely add muscle before you know it. This plan is only for those who want to get ripped quickly.

There are more great meal plans to choose from with these bonuses. There’s nearly three months of vegetarian-centric meals with four different levels of calorie intake, and you can even get bodybuilding meal plans on a budget with this added feature. If you don’t eat meat, you’ll love the veggie meal plans. Despite the fact that it’s cheaper in the long run to get more healthy stuff anyway, there are meal plans for those who have even tighter budgets than most and still want to get healthy.

The premium version includes a down-loadable audio version whole eBook so you can listen to it. If you commute, this is perfect for that long ride to work or home.

With this program, you’ll be able to talk to Vince about your plan for life. You can even get advice on what to do to gain even more muscle years after you started, so if you have some fine tuning to do, you’ll have an expert who’s just an email away!

Now for the downsides…

You can find some places in the eBook where it appears cluttered. Granted, this is an innovative program, and can be a bit hard to follow at times. It takes a periodic stance on exercise and diet, and can be confusing at first. The member’s area, however, is where it all tends to come together.

You won’t find any alternate exercises in the book. If you’re training from home, it can be a little harder to apply some of these exercises, which involve large gym equipment.


Vince used to be a skinny guy, as is clear from the book, and found a way to get a great physique, and now he wants to share it. There’s a lot of personal training experience speaking through the text, so you know you’re dealing with a professional.

There are vivid and detailed scenarios that Vince outlines for you in order to change your body for the better. There’s something to do every day that will help you get where you want to be. Just follow the steps and the meal plan, and most of the work is done for you. Following this plan will help you pack on the muscle you’ve been wanting and also live a healthier life.  Definitely worth checking out.

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