Muscle Building Techniques

If you want to become more muscular more quickly you need to use the proper muscle building techniques. There are many different methods you can use such as strip sets, drop sets, negatives and super sets, these are all considered the best muscle building techniques.

Muscle flexing is also an important aspect among all of these. Every one of the below techniques can help you build your muscle mass fast.

Strip Sets

Strip sets can do a lot of good for your body and are an ideal muscle building technique. A strip set means stripping off a plate or two from the set while you lift weights, this will enable you do increase your repetitions meaning that as you remove weights you can keep going for longer periods of time. You can build up your muscles much faster this way. This strip set technique is not meant to be used at the beginning of your weight lifting routine, use it at the end instead.

Drop Sets

Drop sets make use of dumbbells and are another great muscle building technique. Drop sets start you with a set of dumbbells, switching to lighter dumbbells for your next rep, and then using still lighter dumbbells and so on and so forth. Pause for a bit between reps and then keep going with the routine until you’re too exhausted to go on.


Negatives are a great muscle building technique that many people forget about. Normally one will push weight away from the body, this is known as positives. Lowering the weight toward the body instead is called a negative, this muscle building technique strengthens tendons and can enable your body to do more reps of each exercise than before.


Although flexing doesn’t even require any kind of weights it is considered one of the best muscle building techniques you can use. All you need to do is flex your muscles to keep them pumped, you can do this while resting. Contracting the muscles in this way will strengthen them.

All of these are the absolute best muscle building techniques, combining them all into one workout routine can double to speed at which you build up your muscles.

With these muscle building techniques it’s possible to increase your overall body strength by 5% in as little as a two weeks time. Keep in mind that larger muscles will be strengthened faster than smaller ones such as bicep muscles. Give these muscle building techniques about six months and you’ll see the muscle mass you desire.

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Burn the Fat

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No Nonsense Muscle Building

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Best Guide for Hard Gainers- No-Nonsense Muscle Building by Vince DelMonte

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Truth About Abs

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Best Abs Program- Truth About Abs by Mike Geary

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