Why You Can’t Afford to Work Out Without Muscle Building Supplements

Are muscle building supplements right for you? The body-building community has known for years that there are a number of supplements designed to help athletes develop, and then enlarge, new muscles.

However, physicians warn that certain supplements carry potential health risks that can lead to chronic ailments and even death. If you watch TV and have an interest in sports, you’re acquainted with the uproar surrounding athletes’ use of so-called performance enhancing drugs, which are banned by many sports organizations.

The leading performance enhancing drugs used to be anabolic steroids and HGH, or the human growth hormone. Not only that, drug labs have been uncovered that were developing similar enhancement products that had never been properly tested.

Now that performance-enhancing drugs have become so widespread, bodybuilding has divided its competitions into two types: the contests that will accept all eligible competitors, and the drug-free competitions that require all participants to submit to drug tests in advance.

So what’s the best advice for the average person whose sole goal is to develop his muscles to their fullest and get into the best shape ever? What can someone like this do to speed up their bodybuilding program so that the results become evident as soon as possible?

It isn’t necessary to use illegal drugs to supplement your daily diet and aid your workouts; in fact, there are a number of natural supplements that don’t require a physician’s prescription or constant medical supervision.

One of the bodybuilding community’s greatest trainers, the late Vince Gironda, took a personal stand against the use of steroids and encouraged his proteges to do the same. Most likely there were some who gave in to the temptation of muscles-made-easy, but they were the ones who ignored Vince’s proven theory that metabolism and testosterone could be boosted naturally.

If you’re worried that your muscle growth is taking too long, you should make sure that your protein intake is sufficient to rebuild any muscle tissue that is damaged from intensive workouts.

4 Muscle Building Supplements to Try

Your daily diet probably contain an adequate amount of protein, but some people need more, and that’s where protein supplements come in. If you’re going to take protein supplements make sure they’re natural, with no or low amounts of additives or filler.

The body produces a natural hormone called creatine monohydrate. Your workouts can see an upsurge of power when you use creatine, which helps to assimilate protein in the body and to rebuild muscle tissue. Due to its lack of known side effects, many bodybuilders take creatine.

Another supplement that is naturally produced by the body is L-Glutamine. Muscles that need recovery time following intense exercise or exertion can benefit from L-Glut.

Another advantage of L-Glut is that is can ease the muscle soreness that goes hand-in-hand with an extreme workout, and you’ll be back at the gym before you know it.

Muscle tissue growth is attributed to the building blocks of protein, known as the amino acids. Some amino acids are available in safe supplement form: Inostil, Leucine, Choline, and Valine which are included in BCAA supplementation routines.

The use of HGH, or the human growth hormone, is supported in various medical circles for its ability to slow the physical deterioration that is a part of aging. After age 30, our bodies produce less and less HGH, and subsequently physical signs of aging become more apparent.

When HGH supplementation is medically supervised, it has proved to remarkable in its ability to boost muscle growth and weight loss, and to slow down the aging process. Consider the old saying, “You might not live longer, but you’ll look great at your funeral”

One especially “heart healthy” product is Nitric Oxide (NO). The helpful effects of the gas NO have been the focus of research conducted by Nobel Prize winner Dr. Louise Ignarro, who has written at length on how the gas is formed when the amino acid arginine breaks down in the human body.

According to Dr. Ignarro, taking supplements of NO can aid cardiovascular health. Bodybuilders who take NO have extra energy and improved blood circulation. Ultimately, natural supplements can be viewed as good for you, since they can increase your metabolism and add muscle while taking off fat.

However, overuse of these supplements can backfire, causing the body to eliminate excess chemicals. Anabolic steroids, in addition to being illegal, pose many serious threats to your health. If you’re considering taking any type of supplements, you should discuss your plan with your doctor first.

Bottom line: try supplementing whey protein, L-Glutamine, Nitris Oxide and BCAAs. I’d avoid anabolic steriods because of the numerous possible side effects.

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