Low Fat Diet Tips

A healthy, low fat diet is one way to losing weight. A change in your eating habits can really encourage some dramatic weight loss. With a low fat diet you’ll gain energy, speed up your metabolism and watch your body shed the pounds. Below are some fantastic low fat diet tips to help you change your eating habits.

Change How You Prepare Food

You can feel more healthy and lose a lot of weight just but learning how to cook food with low fat techniques. When you prepare meals for a low fat diet be sure to avoid frying your foods. You want to bake and broil when you prepare a low fat diet meal, even try roasting fish instead of crying it. When it comes to meat in a low fat diet, you want to baste the meal with wine or lemon juice.

You should also avoid using too much butter or margarine when you cook. You could also pan fry or stir fry your meal with canola oil for your low fat diet. Using olive oil is another option for your low fat diet, it can lower cholesterol and encourages your body to burn away fat.

Use Low Fat Options

Any low fat diet plan would naturally require you to switch from products with high levels of fat to low fat alternatives. For example, you can lose a good amount of weight by simply switching from whole milk to 1% or fat free milk.  You’ll want low fat cheeses for your low fat diet as well, you can even find skim-milk varieties of cottage cheese and mozzarella cheese.  By finding low fat alternatives to your high fat foods your meals can still taste the same, the only difference is you’ll start losing weight faster.

Be Careful With Eggs

Eggs are widely used in many recipes. When preparing a recipe that calls for eggs, try to avoid using egg yolks and use only the egg whites if you can.  You can also substitute one egg with two egg whites.  Just this change can help you lose weight and boost your health. Cholesterol-free substitute eggs are widely available and are a perfect addition to your low fat diet.

Watch Condiments

Salad dressing and mayonaise are the worst culprits for adding extra fat to meals.  Try mustard or salsa instead.

If you still want the creamy consistency of mayonnaise, try avocado as a spread on sandwiches.  Avocado isn’t low fat, but it contains heart healthy fat that is actually good for you.


Always use lean cuts of meat.  If you’re going to eat ground beef, get the leanest type available and make your own burgers.  Grill everything, avoid frying like the plague.

Remove the skin from poultry.  One way to do this without totally killing flavor is to remove the skin after you cook the bird, so that you have locked in the flavor during the cooking but aren’t consuming the fat in the skin after the cooking is over.

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