Losing Stomach Fat

Click here for the Truth About Abs

Click here for the Truth About Abs

Before we tell you the best tips for losing stomach fat,  it is important to first decide what the ideal body weight for you is.

Once you decide your ideal weight, this body weight goal can become the focus of all your weight loss efforts.

Know Your Calories

Before starting any diet you need to know the exact number of daily calories that are safe for your body. For people who neglect exercise this could mean multiplying your body weight by 15, those who partake in moderate exercise should multiply by 17. The most active people should multiply their body weight by 20.

Next, the key to losing stomach fat is eating plenty of fruits and vegetables. You need at least 3 servings of fruits and veggies a day. Fruits and vegetables are high in fiber which is beneficial to a healthy body. They are also full of many vitamins and antioxidants.

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The third tip is to keep a journal to monitor what you eat on a daily basis. You can’t keep track of whether or not you’re consuming the correct amount of calories if you don’t count them on paper. You’ll be shocked by how many calories you consume once you begin to write it down.

The next tip is to avoid skipping meals or starving yourself in an attempt to lose stomach fat, this does not work. It’s far more beneficial to eat many small portions of healthy foods with a balanced calorie count. When your body feels hungry it’ll cling to those calories rather than shedding them.

Processed and pre-packaged foods contain too much fat and sodium, so again, fruits and vegetables are ideal. But this doesn’t mean making yourself miserable and eating foods you don’t like. There are all sorts of healthy ways to prepare your favorite foods so that you can treat yourself now and again.

My last tip for losing stomach fat is to drink a lot of water and avoid consuming too much juice or soda, they’re loaded with sugar.  These tips should help you reach and maintain your goal weight.

Check out the Truth About Six Pack Abs

Check out the Truth About Six Pack Abs

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