How to Lose Man Boobs

Do you need to know how to lose man-boobs?

It can be pretty disconcerting to discover you have grown a set of man-boobs. The shock can be overwhelming. You likely were reluctant to actually touch them and then immediately asked, ‘How did this happen?’.

The answer is complicated because there is not one single cause for man-boobs. Often hormonal imbalances are to blame, but sometimes it is simply having put on extra weight.

If you want to get rid of your man boobs–and in all likelihood you do–then you have to figure out what has caused yours to grow. You cannot figure out how to lose man-boobs until you know the root cause.

If you have not noticed the scale slipping up and your clothes fit the same way, then it is probably not a weight issue. You are likely looking at low testosterone.  Your doctor is the man to see to solve this problem. There are shifts you need to make in your diet and he can also prescribe some hormone therapy to get rid of the man-boobs.

Increasing your activity will help though. Heavy workouts naturally raise your body’s production of testosterone.  All of us carry some fat on our bodies. However, the variances in body shape are in part due to the different ways our bodies tend to accumulate fat.

Typically women store padding in the lower half of their bodies. You will usually hear a woman complaining about her butt, thighs, and hips. That’s because her body naturally stores fat there.  In men, fat storage is generally in an entirely different area. It is typically an upper body issue. So men will struggle with weight on their chests, backs, and stomachs.

Excess weight can and will accumulate in the chest and create man-boobs. So working out and eating healthy can impact man-boobs just like any other weight issue. Bodybuilding and weight loss programs work for reducing all sorts of fat accumulation problems.  Bodybuilding will build up the muscles in the chest.

Muscle burns more calories than fat and help you burn off the fat you eat as well.  When you watch what you eat, you will stop ingesting problem foods that led you here. Plus, your body will have to feast on the stored fat on your body rather than fat you are taking in.  Your man-boobs will be impacted by the shift but so will the excess fat on the remainder of your body as well. Anywhere there is fat, diet and exercise will impact it.

You cannot diet with the expectation that you are going to reduce the fat in a specific spot. So called spot reducing is not a reality. For years people circulated the idea that you could spot reduce, but you cannot.  For years, trainers, fitness personnel, and weight loss industry members kept spreading this lie because it got more people to fork over money for useless programs and gadgets.

For years, there were facilities with machines that rolled your abdomen or hips. These promised to reduce the spots on your body that you disliked.  But in reality, it is through diet that fat was dropped, not the silly machines they hooked people up to.

We now know that your body will store your excess fat equally across the areas it is genetically programmed to feed.  Thus, as you take off fat through diet and exercise, the fat will come off evenly as well.  So while you can decrease the size of your man-boobs through diet and exercise, you will also decrease the size of other fatty areas as well.

Building the muscles beneath those man boobs will increase the size of the entire area.  You will be muscular under that layer of fat, and you will drop some fat. But you will still have a set of man-boobs.  So what you want to know is how to lose man-boobs.

Try different programs out there to shrink the fat all over your body while you strengthen and build muscle tissue.  You will be stronger and have larger muscles through diet and exercise.  You want a balanced program that works your entire body, not just the spots that bug you.  Also avoid programs that aim to make you huge.

Instead, alternate your lifting days between upper and lower body regimens.  For example, perhaps on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, you will lift for your upper body. And then on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday you can lift for your lower body.  You want to take each exercise and repeat ten reps. Then repeat that three sets.

Your calorie needs are based upon how old you are and whether you are a man or a woman.  You can talk to your doctor, who can guide you regarding your specific calorie needs.  You want to divide your intake between the major groups: protein, carbs, and fats and fiber. Aim for a ratio of 25:40:35.  Completely cut out sugar. That includes artificial sweeteners. Also eliminate starches and refined grains. Any refined carbohydrates.  You can get all the carbs you will ever need from natural fruits and vegetables.

You want your protein sources to be lean and healthy. Choose milk, beef, pork, fish, eggs, poultry and even organ meats, such as liver, kidneys, sweetbreads, and heart.  The fat in your diet should be healthy fats. You want to choose olive oil, as it is the best kind of fat your body can eat.  The fruits and vegetables in your diet will provide the fiber you need.

You can choose to include supplements to help. When you are bodybuilding, you need pure protein. Protein powder is a good option since amino acids are the foundation of good proteins. Protein helps you metabolize fat and build muscle.


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