How To Get Six Pack Abs

Summer is here and it is time to get that beach body ready. Almost everyone has the dream of having six pack abs so they can show off a perfect body and there several ways to get the abs you desire. Getting the body you desire is not an easy process. It takes time and dedication to a workout routine that strengthens your core and will eventually result in six pack abs.

To get your abs to show, you can do the traditional workouts such as crunches and sit-ups several times.

Continuously doing these two exercises will help strengthen your stomach muscles and committing to a healthy diet will result in your desirable body. It is important to not only workout your abs, but your entire body as well.

A full body work out will help burn several extra calories that will reduce body fat, making your abs peak through your stomach fat. While cardio workouts help burn calories, it also causes you to lose muscle mass which will result in losing the hard work put in to your stomach muscles.

Other types of workouts that will help you strengthen your core that is easy to do include bridge stabilizers, the bicycle, V-ups and hanging hip raises. Bridge stabilizers require you to lay face first on the ground and hold yourself up by your elbows and toes. Holding this position for several minutes at a time with help strengthen your stomach muscles.

Six pack abs can be acquired by the bicycle workout in which you lay on your back, hand behind your head and performing a repeated bicycle motion with your legs. Each leg kick requires the opposite elbow to touch the knee that is raised to your chest.

V-ups are a tough six pack abs workout that requires you lay flat on your back, raising your legs and arms to the sky simultaneously in a repeat sequence.

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My Experience in Getting Six Pack Abs

As summer inched closer, I wanted to get my beach body ready and priority number one was six pack abs. I committed myself to a daily workout routine that consisted of various exercises that helped strengthen my stomach muscles. Performing various types of crunches, sit-ups, V-ups and hanging hip raises helped me form acquire my desirable beach body.

While my abs was coming in, I needed to ensure that I will not lose what I worked hard to acquire. I committed myself to a healthy diet that did not provide much body fat. To work off those calories, I mixed in a brief full body workout that helped me keep on my added muscle mass.

After committing to my workout routine and diet for 6 weeks, I was ready to hit the beach and show off my newly acquired six pack abs. It was a great feeling to walk in the sand with a proud beach for all the females to admire.

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