How To Get Six Pack Abs

There are countless articles and videos spreading on the Internet teaching us the secrets on how to get six pack abs. And knowing which is true and effective could be a real challenge especially for starters. In this article, we’ll crack down myths and know the truths behind that ripped abs to help get you started the right way.

Myth #1: It’s the crunches that’ll give me the six pack.

This is the most common mistake that people often do. They believe that 100 or even a thousand crunches a day can get that six pack chiseled in their stomachs. Truth is, we all have that potential to have a six pack on our midriffs, only it’s covered with fats. The first thing you need to do is to shed off that body fats. To do that, you’ve got to burn calories down. Remember, there is no such thing as spot reduction. Crunches can help tone and strengthen the muscles but isn’t at all good with melting down fats. It is a low impact exercise that does not utilize a wide variety of muscle motion, making it ineffective in caloric burn.

Myth #2: It’s all in the exercise.

We all know that the combination of proper diet and exercise is the key to that ripped abs. However, most people simply rely on exercise to get that abs defined. Truth of the matter is that it is really the diet that directly affects your shape. You could do all trainings and turn all pale afterwards but as long as you’ve got that layer of fat in your body, you will always look round and plump.

That being said, follow these simple tips when devising your six pack abs diet:

  • Have at least 1.5 gram of protein per pound of body weight.
  • Take in calories just enough to keep yourself from getting starved and not to promote fat gain.
  • Make sure you give yourself vitamins and mineral supplements to support body functions.
  • Let yourself have sufficient amount of essential fatty acids.

Myth #3: Abs muscle is different from the other body muscles.

Not true. Your abdominals are just like the all the other muscles in your body. You need to get it trained the way you train your other muscles. Most people get the impression that to burn off more fats; they need to work their midsection daily! Remember, you need to have your abs worked appropriately. It needs to have time to recover, repair and regenerate like every other muscle in your system.

Myth #4: Do endless cardios!   

Just because cardiovascular exercises are a good way to help define your abs doesn’t mean you’ve got to do it for hours and hours. Yes cardio trainings are effective in burning down calories especially when done in interval trainings. But remember, there are also other alternatives that will help you lose abdominal fats. One is to integrate a more intensive weight training program on a good diet plan.

Myth #5: Enjoy sauna and burn fat!

This is one of those old, funny notions most people have gone to believe. Just because you are producing sweat doesn’t mean you are burning down fats. In truth, sweat is the body’s way to maintain a healthy, normal temperature. Naturally, your body would sweat when in a hot place not to lose weight but to cool itself down.

Myth #6: Diet pills’ the solution

Needless to say, diet pills and other similar meds impose a threat on our health. But sometimes, we easily get drawn by all these enticing advertisements and publicity. But here’s the catch, if it really does work, then all of us would have that six pack abs by now.


Sometimes, in our desire to achieve that ripped abs, we easily fall prey to false information. If there’s one truth that we should always remember, it’s that the chiseled stomach don’t really come overnight. It needs effort, time and commitment. But now that you’ve known the real ways on how to get a sick pack abs, clear yourself off the old myths and start a brand new routine-one that is proven effective and real.



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