How to Get Ripped in Weeks

how to get ripped, get ripped, get ripped fast, how to get ripped fastOkay, you’ve spent all that time and energy pumping iron and you’re as big as a bull buffalo. Now it’s time to get cut-up and defined because you want to display the results of all that effort in the best possible manner.

Here’s how to get ripped in weeks instead of years.

Losing all that adipose takes a special dedication, particularly since you are in such great shape from those hours in the gym. You will have to replace your heavy iron workout routine with medium weights and very high repetitions.

You will also have to go on a highly specialized diet for about four weeks. After all, bodybuilding is about 80% diet, according to several fitness gurus. Are you ready to get started? Let’s go then.

Weight Training

You are still going to be working the muscles to total exhaustion, just like with the heavy weights, but instead of poundage it is going to be reps that wear and tear the muscles.

Instead of six to eight reps of massive weights, you are going to be going for 12 to 15 reps of moderate weights.

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Additionally, you are going to use a lot of dumbbell exercises for shaping those massive muscles. You are still going to have focus days in which you work mainly on one muscle group each workout. You are still going to work up the ladder on poundage, but you will not be pushing to your maximum.

You should perform a warm-up with a light weight and pump out as many reps as you can. Try to use a weight that you can squeeze out 25 or more reps. Your next sets will be using moderate weights for 12 to 15 reps. You are shooting for total muscle exhaustion, so plan on five sets per exercise.

You will minimize cardio workouts because cardio will not help you lose fat. You will lose muscle tissue instead. Did you ever notice that marathon and other long distance runners have little or no upper body musculature? But they often have a little pot belly! This is because their bodies need the stored fat for prolonged exertion, so they burn muscle tissue until they “hit the wall” in their running.

The Workout

• Dumbbell Flies, flat bench, incline and decline.
• Dumbbell Presses, flat bench, incline, decline.
• Push-ups with feet elevated, hands widely spaced.

• Dumbbell Presses, standing or seated.
• Front dumbbell raises, standing.
• Lateral dumbbell raises.
• Upright rowing with barbell.
• Shrugs with barbell.
• Bent over dumbbell extensions.
• Pull-ups on the chinning bar.
• Seated rowing with cable and pulley.
• Lat machine pull-downs.
• Bent over rowing with barbell.
• One-hand bent over rowing with dumbbell.
• Squats with barbell.
• Leg extensions on machine.
• Thigh biceps curls on machine or with wall mounted cable-and-pulley.
• Lunges with barbells.
• Calf raises.
• Donkey calf raises.
• Seated calf raises.
• Crunches, flat bench or mat.
• Compound crunches, twisting right and left.
• Side bends with dumbbells.
• Rear side bends with dumbbells
• Twists with barbell across shoulders.


Maintain this diet for five cycles (25 days)

• Consume zero carbohydrates for four day.
• Eat a balanced diet on fifth day.
• Consume zero carbs for days six through nine.
• Eat a balanced diet on tenth day.
• Protein Powder
• Essential amino acids (Lipo3 compound, inositol, choline, etc.)
• Wheat germ oil
• Desiccated liver, kelp tablets.

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