How to Get Ripped Biceps

No-Nonsense Muscle Building

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Learning how to get ripped biceps isn’t hard. What’s hardest is not giving up before you reach your goals. First things first, you need to be aware that you can’t expect results overnight. If you’re willing to persevere and put in the hard work you’re already halfway to getting ripped biceps!

Over-training can be detrimental to getting ripped biceps so be sure to avoid this at all costs. The key to success is knowing your limits. You need to know when your body has had enough, or when you can go a little further. It may take practice but you can get in tune with your body’s needs.

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To begin your training you first want to work on increasing your range of motion in your muscles. You should always begin with practice. Try doing 75 to 100 curls with each arm starting with a 5 pound weight. You can increase the intensity of this exercise depending on how your muscles feel over the first few days.

You definitely want to start small and work your way up to more challenging exercise routines. You don’t want to pull or strain your muscles as this can only set your training back by days at a time.

Use Special Training Methods

If you want to learn how to get ripped biceps you’ll want to train using specific techniques and methods. It’s important to look beyond just building muscle mass in the biceps and focus on building lean muscles so that you can burn unwanted fat. Here are some more tips to help you learn how to get ripped biceps:

Your body contains a certain quantity of lactic acid. You’ll start to feel a burn when you pump your arms to their limit, this will cause your body to release human growth hormones into your bloodstream. A bit part of learning how to get ripped biceps is recognizing that these hormones are what build ripped bicep muscles.

When you learn how to get ripped biceps you also need to learn what exercises trigger the release of human growth hormones in your body and how to gain the maximum number of these hormones in a single workout.

The secret is that such hormone releases are triggered by what type of training method you use, a true fat burning workout would be to do these sets as long as you can and thus encourage an increase in hormone release. This way, getting ripped biceps is made easier.

No-Nonsense Muscle BuildingIntense workout routines involving barbell curls are ideal for getting ripped biceps. Combining a good 10 or 12 barbell reps with 10 or 12 incline dumbbell curls is a great routine to try.

If your body becomes too tired for incline curls try doing half-reps instead until your hands finally give out. With this intense workout you’ll release the maximum amount of human growth hormone and be well on your way to getting ripped biceps.

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