How to Get Rid of Man Boobs

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There may be no single male trait that is more off-putting, unattractive, and cringe-inducing than man boobs.  Unlike a beer gut that has a clear reason for existing, man boobs tend to come out of nowhere around the time a guy hits 25 or 30.  His metabolism finally realizes he isn’t a teenager anymore and he goes out in search of information on how to get rid of man boobs.

Thankfully, there are exercises and diet changes that men can make to rid themselves of the dreaded man boobs.  While any one of these exercises will shrink your b-cups back to something resembling pecs, you will get the best results from performing all three of these exercises as frequently as you can.  Oh, and it’ll help if you put down the box of doughnuts once in a while and have a bowl of oatmeal, instead.

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Crank Up The Intensity

Ridding your body of man boobs takes effort, first and foremost.  You didn’t put in a lot of effort when it came to sleeping in, stuffing your face full of Cheetos, or not working out in the past.  Time caught up with you, so now it is time to pay the piper.  You can take your first step to a life free of man boobs by choosing any high intensity exercise that you feel you can do for over 20 minutes without a break.

This can really be anything you like from running to biking, or any other major cardio workout that you can sustain. It doesn’t even have to be centered in or around your giant man boobs.  The key here is to work yourself into a lather.

Hit The Bench

There are two types of men that have man boobs.  First, there are those that were never athletes and instead excelled at professional couch sitting.  Secondly are former high school football players who never changed their eating habits once they put away the helmet and shoulder pads for good.  No matter which category you fall into, the single best thing you can do for your man boobs is bench-pressing some weights.

One warning here: most of us don’t have a bench press in our home.  That’s fine, if you don’t live in an apartment building that has a workout room and you don’t want to pay for a gym membership, consider doing push-ups instead, which are almost as effective.

One more note, don’t try to show off in the weight room.  You’ll injure yourself.  Start small and work your way up.

Chest Fly

This is the simplest exercise to do once or twice and the hardest to do 20 times.  Simply lay on your back with your arms out to your sides and with a dumbbell in each hand.  Bring up your arms slowly and then place them back down on the floor.  Repeat this motion as many times as you can and slowly, and I mean slowly, increase the weight of the dumbbells as these exercises get easier to do.  Please be careful and don’t show off.  You can really hurt yourself if you start off with the 20 lb. dumbbells the first time.  Just take it easy and keep at it, and soon enough you’ll get the natural breast reduction you’ve been working for.  I hope that you found how to get rid of man boobs helpful.

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