How to Get a Flat Tummy

how to get a flat tummy, get a flat tummyThere are two elements critical to getting a flat midsection, although I often add initiative in as a third element!
The first element in how to get a flat tummy is proper exercise, the second is diet and the third is simply to get off your posterior, get motivated and get to work on the problem.

Exercises for a Flat Tummy

To help flatten your tummy and bring out those upper, middle and lower abdominals you must perform a number of muscle-specific exercises to strengthen and build them up.

• Decline Board Crunches – with your feet elevated and your hands behind your neck, curl your upper body forward towards your knees, while contracting your stomach muscles.

Your shoulders should be elevated and only the small of your back and posterior should be touching the bench. Hold that position for a two-count, then return to start.

Repeat for 50 repetitions for three sets.

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• Compound Crunches – Assume a supine position on the mat with your knees raised and hands behind your neck.

Curl your body forward with your right elbow moving towards your left knee and then with the left elbow towards the right knee. The knees should move towards the elbow at the same time as you move your elbow. Crunch your abs during the move.

Do 50 reps for three sets.

• Incline Board – With your head elevated, perform the same exercise as in the decline board crunches. This exercise is not a repeat of the decline exercise, but tends to work the abs differently.

• Roman Chair Sit-Ups – Using the Roman Chair where there is support for your legs only, perform slow sit-ups.

Do 10 reps, three sets.

• Roman Chair Back Raises – Assume the reverse position from the sit-ups. Lower your head towards the floor then raise your upper body while contracting your lower back muscles.

Do 10 reps, three sets.

• Leg Raises – In a supine position on the mat with your arms at your sides, keep your legs straight while raising them slowly to about two feet off the floor. Hold that position for a five count, lower and repeat.
Do 20 reps for three sets.

• Compound Leg Raises – In a supine position on the mat with your arms at your sides and keeping your legs straight, elevate your feet about two feet off the floor. Separate your feet until they are three feet apart and hold for a five count, bring them back together, lower and repeat for 20 reps. Perform three sets.

Diet for a Flat Tummy

Exercises may build the muscle, but diet will display the results. You have to rid yourself of all subcutaneous fat around your middle (and everywhere else) for all your hard work to reveal itself.

Your diet should consist of protein, fats, complex carbohydrates and fiber. Protein – 25% of calories consumed. Carbohydrates – 40% of calories. Fats and Fiber – make up all the rest of your calories.

  • Avoid any simple carbohydrates: Refined sugar, refined flour, artificial sweeteners.
  • Minimize caffeine and alcohol.
  • Take supplements
  • Protein, mixed with water or raw milk
  • Desiccated Liver tablets
  • Kelp tablets
  • Lipotropic amino acids (Lipo3 Compound)
  • Wheat Germ Oil

Initiative for a Flat Tummy

Let’s make this simple: Just think of how good you are going to look in your bathing suit and the admiring glances you’ll receive from both sexes!
Getting a flat tummy requires religious exercising combined with a careful diet to reveal your buffed muscles. As long as you keep up the momentum, you’ll see results pretty quickly.

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how to get a flat stomach


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