How Much Should I Weigh?

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In today’s world people are constantly trying to find ways to lose weight. But an age old dilemma remains, the questions of “how much should I weigh?” and “when should I end my diet?”

Having a goal weight in mind will make dieting and exercising much easier and more focused, and it can protect against the development of harmful eating disorders.

So you really must consider what is the healthiest weight for your body. When determining how much weight loss is healthy for you, take the following into consideration.

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Build and Height

You need to consider your overall height and the way in which your body is built. A five foot tall woman with small bones has a different ideal weight than a six foot tall, large-framed man. When asking yourself “how much should I weigh”, you must have realistic expectations about your healthiest weight before you go into a diet and exercise routine. A doctor can help you determine the ideal weight for your height and overall build.

Children vs. Adults

When it comes to determining a healthy weight keep in mind that children and teens have different requirements than adults. Teens and children are still growing and developing, it’s important to factor this into any diet plan. It’s impossible to know when a child will hit their next growth spurt or enter puberty. Age must be factored in when asking “how much should I weigh?” This way, everyone will have realistic notions about what is normal and healthy.


The question of “how much should I weigh” is much different for athletic types. What kind of sport you engage in will determine your ideal weight. The ideal weight of a deep sea fisherman or wrestler will be different than that of an equestrian athlete or gymnast. You must examine your lifestyle, interests, consistency of exercise, and what you eat when it comes to controlling your weight and health.

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