Healthy Foods to Lose Weight

They say that we are now living in a sophisticated and highly developed world because of today’s superior technology.  With just a click of a button, we got what we ask for unlike before we may not have been even half way to what we aim to accomplish.

Surely, we can consider ourselves lucky.  Nowadays, we can shop and carry out perform banking transactions online and when it comes to food, pre – packed foods are available everywhere.  You can either fix it in the microwave oven to heat it before you eat it or just eat it right away as it is.  These things are said to have been invented so we can keep up with our busy schedule and lifestyle.  We can have our meal as quickly as we can so we have all the energy we need and then go back to work.

We may have accomplished our work for the day but we have overlooked the possible harmful effects these unhealthy foods may have on us, specifically our health.  A lot of manufacturers have sprung up to produce healthier ready to eat pre– packed meals so we just have to be thorough in choosing.  If we take the time to check the contents of these pre – packed and ready to eat foods, we will find preservatives, mono sodium glutamate (msg), high substances of calories and the like, all of which contribute to certain diseases and are truly harmful to the body in the long run.  So whenever you get the chance, say, during your days off from work, try to give yourself a treat… with homemade meals.  There are a lot of healthy foods to lose weight and below are a few.

Take as much fresh fruits and vegetables in your menu.  You need fiber for better digestion.  Eat fish chicken more than you would with beef and pork.  With fruits, vegetables, fish and chicken, you can take as much as you can and you do not have to worry about gaining weight and heart diseases after.  You can just add in your favorite spices to enhance the flavor.  Just lessen the salt as much as possible because salt retains water in your body, thus, you gain weight.

Also, a healthier way of preparing your meal is to steam, grill or bake it instead of frying it.  Frying will just add oil and cholesterol to your food, whereas, steaming, grilling and baking would take the oil out of it.

There are also foods known to help in burning the fats in our system.  Berries, green tea, chilli and whole grains help burn fat by preventing insulin spike and keep the metabolism rate to go non-stop.  So even if you do not have the time to work out, you are still able to burn some fats while eating… you get to satisfy your craving and you are losing the pounds at the same time, how cool is that?!  Lastly, drink as much water as you can every day.  It is recommended that one drinks 8-10 glasses of water each day.  Drinking water will help you detoxify, and as a bonus, you get healthier skin and hair.

For more healthy foods to lose weight, check out these book titles:

The 90/10 Weight-Loss Plan: A Scientifically Designed Balance of Healthy Foods and Fun Foods
The 90/10 Weight-Loss Plan: A Scientifically Designed Balance of Healthy Foods and Fun Foods
Price: $11.99
In just two weeks you ll lose weight, be healthier, and you can still eat your favorite chips, cookies, and ice cream! The reason so many diets fail for so many people is that they force the dieter to cut out the foods they love and crave. With The 90/10 Weight-Loss Plan, dieters learn to balance their food intake by eating 90% healthy, nutritious food, with 10% Fun Food whatever they want, whenever they want.

Nutritionist Joy Bauer has created a phenomenon that has taken the nation by storm: a diet that is healthy and easy to follow. And since dieters don’t feel deprived of their favorite foods, the 90/10 Weight-Loss Plan is a program they can stay on.

The innovative plan offers:

– Three different caloric levels, based on one s weight-loss goal

– 42 meals for each level, including breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks

– Meals that provide the most nutrition possible, while reducing saturated fat and cholesterol intake

– Meals that help reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer

– Menus that are designed to include food the dieter will love!

The Structure House Weight Loss Plan: Achieve Your Ideal Weight through a New Relationship with Food
The Structure House Weight Loss Plan: Achieve Your Ideal Weight through a New Relationship with Food
Price: $24.0

It’s Not Food That Makes You Fat – It’s Your Relationship with Food HEALTH magazine named THE STRUCTURE HOUSE WEIGHT LOSS PLAN one of “America’s Top 10 Healthiest Diets.” (Jan/Feb issue) Dr. Gerard Musante and his world-renowned residential weight loss center Structure House in Durham, North Carolina, have helped more than thirty thousand people lose weight. A stay at Structure House costs thousands of dollars. Now Dr. Musante’s innovative ideas and effective treatment methods are yours for the price of this book.

During his thirty years of practice, Dr. Musante has shown that it is your relationship with food that determines your ability to reach your ideal weight. His system targets behaviors resulting from habit, boredom, or stress that lead to unstructured eating – eating for nonnutritional reasons – and presents concrete methods for designing new, structured eating patterns to develop a weight loss plan that finally works.

You’ll learn to isolate your unhealthy eating, recognize and neutralize the food triggers that cause your unstructured eating, and stop using food to satisfy needs other than hunger. Dr. Musante’s method gets to the root of these behaviors by helping you reconstruct your daily experience with food and therefore the choices you make about what to eat. Using the proven Structure House approach, you’ll be in control of food – not controlled by it. And then, finally, you’ll be able to lose weight successfully – and keep it off!

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