Green Tea Weight Loss

Taking the Mystery out of Green Tea Weight Loss

Every now and then, an amazing weight loss breakthrough hits the news and is met with an incredible amount of skepticism. It is no surprise, really, that many people have been burned by weight loss scams and don’t want to be played for a fool a second time.

One of the most recent weight loss stories to hit the media is about green tea weight loss. The health benefits associated with green tea never seem to end, but can the regular ingestion of green tea actually help you lose weight?

The Truth

The truth is that green tea is not a magical weight loss serum, but it can be a big part of a balanced approach to dieting. Green tea helps you in two ways. First, it is an excellent source of antioxidants. Antioxidants are found in things like acai berry, cocoa, coffee, blueberries, and cherries.

They work to help lower your cholesterol and aid in burning fat calories. Green tea can also help you lose weight through the process of thermogenesis. Part of this process is due to the fact that green tea contains caffeine, but recent studies have shown that green tea helps you burn fat in other ways, as well. You’ll likely need quite a bit of it (up to five cups per day) for it to have a major effect on your diet.

What People Say about Green Tea

Unfortunately, much of the talk on green tea has been polluted by folks who claim that it has an almost magical quality. The reality is that green tea can help you lose weight, but it can’t help you lose weight by itself. For as long as people have been looking to lose weight, there have been people searching for a magic pill that melts fat away without a person having to put in any work. This is, of course, silly.

Studies have shown that green tea has many positive effects on your health, but it can’t be an automatic cure-all for illnesses or for weight loss. The bottom line is, quite literally, that you have to put in a certain amount of effort to shed the pounds. If you are looking for places to buy green tea, avoid online marketplaces that claim that green tea can melt fat. There are tens of thousands of reputable green tea retailers online that don’t try to oversell their products.

Additional Facts

Along with green tea, you will also need a balanced diet and regular exercise. Try to limit your intake of saturated fats and carbs, and boost your intake of vegetables, fruits, and lean meats. Slash your sugar intake and replace it with natural snacks that are good for you instead, like fruit, veggies, or nuts. Try a workout routine with plenty of cardio and muscle building exercises, too.

One final tip, green tea can be consumed in a million different ways. You don’t always have to brew a fresh cup. There are snack bars, candy, and lots of other food items that contain green tea properties.

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