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How to Get Ripped Fast with Diet, Work Outs and Supplements

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Many people today eagerly want to know how to get ripped fast. A lot of people are jumping on that workout bandwagon following all the buzz about diet and exercise.

But only getting into shape isn’t what most people really want. What people really want is to get ripped, and they want to do it quickly.

You Only Need 13 Percent Body Fat

Doctors may define ripped as having anywhere between 14% to 20% body fat, but 13% is all you need. Let me show you some tips on how to get ripped fast:

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First of all, you need to pay close attention to controlling your diet. You want to get plenty of nutrients and consume roughly 10 times the calories of whatever your goal body weight is. For example, if your goal is to weigh 180 pounds you need to take in about 1800 calories a day from your meals.

Couple this with exercising at least 3 times each week and alternating your cardio workouts. Using the weekends to take a break from your exercise routine won’t harm your results as long as you don’t neglect your workout for the rest of the week! You’ll learn how to get ripped fast the right way while at the same time disciplining yourself.

Part of getting ripped fast also involves plenty of rest, you’ll want to be getting at least six hours of sleep a night.  Maintain a consistent workout schedule, get plenty of rest and avoid over-exercising so you don’t injure yourself.

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Supplements are another important aspect of learning how to get ripped fast.  Developing a habit of taking protein shakes is vital to getting ripped fast. If you’re taking a multi-vitamin it’s not a good idea to add any other supplement right on top of it. Your protein and vitamin intake needs to work for your body, don’t try to throw anything else into the mix at the same time that you take the multi and the protein shake.  Research your supplements to make sure that whatever you decide to take doesn’t overdose your body on any particular nutrient.

With these tips on how you get ripped fast you can begin your new, healthier lifestyle of eating healthy and working out.

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