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Click here to check out Fat Loss Troubleshoot

Click here to check out Fat Loss Troubleshoot

Reviewer:  Elliot Erikson
Stars: 5 Stars
Program Reviewed:  The Fat Loss Troubleshoot

Here is my Fat Loss Troubleshoot review.  The Fat Loss Troubleshoot by Leigh Peele is a complete fat loss package.  At the center are two ebooks, The Fat Loss Troubleshoot and the Metabolic Repair Manual.

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The Fat Loss Troubleshoot is a solid 150+ page manual of scientifically proven fat loss information.  It explains exactly how fat loss works.  Understanding and putting her ideas into practice will help you lose actual body fat instead of water and muscle.  It teaches you:

* How weight loss works
* Foods that help you achieve max fat loss
* How stress makes you gain weight and how to stop it
* How to tell if you’re on the wrong track
* How to reset your metabolism to lose fat
* and much more.

The Metabolism Repair Manual explains exactly how your metabolism works and is designed to help you increase calorie intake without gaining weight.  It is specifically for chronic dieters who have damaged their metabolisms and slowed them down over years of hard training and dieting.  It helps you avoid yo-yo dieting and explains how to keep your metabolism up while losing fat.

In the entire Fat Loss Troubleshoot package, you get:

* Fat Loss Troubleshoot ebook
* The Metabolic Repair Manual ebook
* Meal Plan Guide
* OPT for Fat Loss (a more in-depth manual about exactly what to do)
* The Maintenance Manual (what to do AFTER you lose the fat)
* Water Manual
* Aerobic and Lifting training logs
* Fat Loss Troubleshoot audio
* Goal Sheet
* The Troubleshoot Checklist

Who is Leigh Peele?

Leigh Peele owns Avidity Fitness, is certified by the NASM in personal training, by the AFPA in nutritional counseling, and is a personal trainer for Fitness Today, bodybuilding and fitness competitors.  She has worked with celebrities, moderates the JP Fitness, World Fitness, weight-loss forum and Itransformed.com internet forums.

Leigh Peele specializes in repairing your metabolism and hormone function while at a calorie deficit.  Her personal training focuses on body shaping for your personal goals while improving posture and preventing injury.

She has worked with both advanced athletes and total beginners.  She wrote The Fat Loss Troubleshoot to address both the needs of the total fat loss novice and those who have been chronically dieting, trying (and failing) to lose the last 20 or so stubborn pounds of fat.

She is endorsed by Alwyn Cosgrove (who writes for Men’s Health Magazine) and many other people who have lost tons of fat following the FLTS program.

Who will benefit most from The Fat Loss Troubleshoot by Leigh Peele?

Really, anyone trying to to lose body fat.  Particularly people who feel like they have tried everything and are still stuck.  Leigh doesn’t hold anything back in her approach, reading the Fat Loss Troubleshoot is like sitting down and having Leigh Peele tell you everything she’s learned about fat loss while being a professional trainer.

The people who will seek out Leigh Peele most often to help them with fat loss are those people who:

  • Have trouble losing fat
  • Have reached a plateau with their fitness goals
  • Have been eating low calories for a long time
  • Fear carbs
  • Haven’t taken breaks in training in years
  • Aren’t getting the results they are looking for with any other method

Are there any downsides?

The Fat Loss Troubleshoot by Leigh Peele is not a quick fix.  It is really a solid base of knowledge all researched extensively by Leigh Peele to help to finally reach your physical goals to achieve whatever physique you’re trying for.

The Fat Loss Troubleshoot is not just a diet, or a fitness plan, although Leigh Peele provides both.  It is a guide to help you achieve fat loss in whatever way is most likely to work for you.

You have to be dedicated to working with the plan, and devoted to making changes in your life.  It won’t help you lose the weight overnight, but it will help you keep it off for good (and isn’t that what you’re trying to do anyway?).

The book has a few grammatical slip-ups and spelling errors, but these are mostly cleaned up in the new edition.  But seriously, are you looking for a grammar nazi or a fitness coach?  ‘Nuff said.

What is the verdict?

I highly recommend the Fat Loss Troubleshoot program.  Leigh really covers all of the bases for you to lose fat.   For the plan to work for you, you need to be dedicated, but if you want to lose fat for good and learn how to maintain it, this program can really help you out.

There is a 60 day guarantee so if you don’t like it or it doesn’t work for you, you can always just email for your money back and there are no questions asked.

I hope you found this Leigh Peele review helpful.

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