Fat Burning Foods

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You can lose a lot of weight by simply being careful about what you eat. Some foods have amazing fat burning properties and can facilitate weight loss. These fat burning foods should be considered an essential part of any good weight loss plan. This way you can burn fat, but you can still eat! Thus you’ll become quite healthy. I’ll show you the best fat burning foods that anyone can eat to be healthy and even lose some weight!


Navy, kidney and white beans are the best kind for this. All of them are full of fiber, protein, iron, and many other nutrients, and they contribute dramatically to one’s overall health. Just eating a small mount of beans daily can increase your metabolism, burn some fat and improve your health. Beans are a fabulous fat burning food.

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Oatmeal is another great fat burning food. It’s full of soluble fiber which can give your body quite a boost! Oatmeal can also lower cholesterol and help purge the body of toxins. It’s not only a fantastic fat burning good because of its nutrients, but because even a small amount is filling. Oatmeal is a stellar fat burning food and can help protect against heart disease, colon cancer and a variety of medical conditions.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is a must if you’re looking to burn fat. It’s the most popular of the fat burning foods. Olive oil contains good kinds of fats, the king that can increase metabolism, and lower cholesterol. Experts have proven that even a tablespoon of virgin olive oil daily can increase a person’s life expectancy and encourage faster weight loss.

Lean Meats

Incorporating more turkey, chicken breasts and lean beef into your diet can boost your weight loss, these  are also fat burning foods.  The protein will also assist in you in building muscle mass and improving your immune system.

Fruits and Vegetables

Its best to get your carbs from whole, unprocessed fruits and vegetables instead of white, processed grains or starches.  Fruits and vegetables contain valuable vitamins and minerals that your body needs to function optimally.  Try to increase your servings to 5-7 a day, while cutting out processed foods and sugar.

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