Fastest Way to Lose Weight

For most people, losing weight is a tough challenge.  It requires a lot of discipline, hard work and motivation.  To some like myself, just thinking about it already makes me feel nauseous and exhausted but what gets me going and keeps me inspired to stay in good shape is seeing Eva Mendez strut her stuff in front of the cameras confidently, as if not mindful whatever part of her body exposes, and, okay, trying to stay healthy… and really thinking how Eva Mendez is able to stay fit.

There are ways, simple and easy as they may seem that we take no notice of, can help in losing weight fast.  A very good example is walking.  Doctors suggest that we take at least 10,000 steps a day.  This will greatly help in burning the calories and it reduces cardiovascular ailments.

If you are not running late for work or if you are not in so much hurry, try skipping the elevator and use the stairs in going up and down the building, or, if the distance of your destination from your point of origin is not too far, might as well walk your way to the destination.  Not only that you save on gas but you will also help the environment by minimizing one of the causes of air pollution.

Another fast way to lose weight is by avoiding fried food.    You can still prepare a sumptuous meal without having to add oil into it.  Instead of frying the meat, you can choose to have it steamed, grilled or baked.  With this process, you are able to get rid of the excess oil making it healthier for you and your entire family.  Just add in your favorite spices and condiments, and, voila!  You have a delectable dish.  And one more thing, chew your food slowly for better digestion.

Next pointer to losing the weight fast is to reduce intake, if not refrain, eating or drinking food and beverages heavy in sugar content.  Cakes, chocolates, candies, sodas, and the like, are soooo hard to resist so if you cannot totally take it away from your system, try to at least make an effort to trim down the consumption.  Also, try looking for a much healthier menu.  You can go for fresh vegetables and fruits as an alternative and lessen salt intake as much as possible.  Salt causes water retention in the body, thus, the weight gain.

Lastly, do some exercise or work out on a regular basis.  Regular exercise and work out will aid in faster metabolism.  In this way, one will be able to burn the calories and the unwanted fats, lose the weight and gain a healthy and good looking body.

In summary, the fastest ways to lose weight are proper diet and regular exercise.  One should have unwavering determination and discipline to carry on with the process.  As for my own, personal tip, hang a poster of your favorite Hollywood star on your walls and let it serve as an inspiration for you to have the urge to lose all that unwanted weight.

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