Dukan Diet

Ain’t No Weight Gain Large Enough — Beat it with Dukan

Ever wondered what’s the beauty secret of the French people?  Though it’s probably much more than what meets the eye, the Dukan diet has done its part.  A plan which has been around for thirty years and has helped about five million French people, as well as celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Giselle Bundchen, in shedding post-pregnancy flabs.  The Dukan dietary pattern is popular for its effectiveness, especially for people suffering from severe obesity and wishing to lose weight for good.  It was designed by the French physician Pierre Dukan after two decades of research and has been translated into English and other languages recently, making it viable for just about anyone who takes the commitment to change.

The Dukan diet bears much similarity to the Atkins diet but has its own unique features.  Being on protein diet for the most part, you don’t need to confuse yourself by counting calories or weighing your meals—you can eat all you want, pretty much whenever you want, as long as its lean protein. However, the composition and parameters of the diet changes with the timeline (there are a total of 100 allowed foods!), as the diet is divided into four ground pillars, or phases, each with a different goal in mind.

The first phase, attack, is designed so that the dieters can lose weight rapidly in the first two to seven days, from about 4.4 to 6.6 lb.  The rules are simple—no bars on lean protein with one and half tablespoons of oat bran and one and half litres of water.  The dieters can choose from 72 lean or low-fat meals, which give them the variety needed to keep their spirits high.  And don’t worry, the author promises the hunger diminishes after three days.  In fact, the very purpose of this stage is to boost the dieters’ confidence and to motivate them to lose weight.

The next phase is the cruise phase in which vegetables are introduced along with the lean protein and everything is on the menu except carrots, peas, corn and potatoes. The weight-loss rate in this phase is place to be at about 2.2 lb per week, and it slowly builds down to the weight one’s working for.

That’s followed by the consolidation phase, which is intended to prevent any future massive weight gain, and is much closer to normal eating habits—meat, inclusive of pork and lamb can be consumed, along with one piece of low-sugar fruits, one portion of hard cheese and two slices of whole grain bread.  As compensation, dieters can have one to two starchy meals or celebration meals per week.

The diet is concluded, and in some ways leveled off by the stabilization phase, which is aimed to maintain one’s weight for the rest of one’s life.  There is no restriction on eating except a few simple rules—follow the regimen proposed in the first phase once a week, consume three tablespoons of oat bran once a day, walk for at least twenty minutes a day and never use escalators or elevators.

The Dukan diet is suited to those who are victims of craving and binge-eating, especially those who need to lose weight.  Although it’s low on essential nutrients, dieters can cope with that by regularly consuming multivitamins and nutritional supplements.

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