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Reviewer:  Elliot Erikson
Product Reviewed:  The Diet Solution Review

Upon the diet solution program review, it is the conclusion of this critic that a diet is not necessary with the correct lifestyle changes. Many people must lose weight for one reason or another. Some reasons may include poor health, low activity life styles and improvement in appearance. The Diet Solution works for all of these reasons. Remember though that you should always speak to your healthcare provider before implementing any changes in your eating or exercise habits.

The Diet Solution offers three steps that are necessary to lose weight; with good motivation and some exercise of will power anyone can lose weight with this simple system. Reading the diet solution review will show you a general outline of this system. Readers should keep in mind that this system is not a diet, it is a lifestyle change! This system will not work for you if you are not willing to change your lifetime habits and activities. The Diet Solution offers a long term solution to weight problems that will work for, virtually, everyone.

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The three steps offered by the diet solution reviews your metabolic rate, your personal meal plans and your best food choices. The first step is to determine your metabolic rate.  The metabolic rate of a person is the rate that burns calories and fats and absorbs or metabolizes sugars. Each person has a unique personal meal plan every day.  Some eat once a day while others snack all day long.  Diet Solution guides you through the process of identifying and evaluating your personal meal plans. Once your metabolism is determined and your personal meal plan and eating habits identified and evaluated, it is time to let the diet solution review what foods are best for you. These foods will not be the same for everyone!

The three types of foods that may be identified best for you include protein type foods, carbohydrate type foods and mixed type foods. Protein foods include meats, such as chicken, pork, beef and fish. Carbohydrate, or carb, foods include breads, noodles, potatoes and other sources of starchy foods. The mixed group will include items from both protein and carb foods. By reading the Diet Solution Review you are taking the first step in finding a good balance between protein and carb foods.

A couple more things to remember here: the goal is to lose the fat, not just to lose weight. Muscle loss will show as a higher loss on the scales (muscle weighs more than fat), but that is not the goal of the Diet Solution. The Diet Solution is designed to help people lose fat, and KEEP IT OFF, by changing life-long unhealthy eating habits.  Many know that you can lose weight on nearly any type of diet out there, but how much of that is muscle loss and how much is fat loss? How many times have you dieted, taken the weight off, and put it right back on as soon as you go “off the diet”?

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