Crash Diet

Dieting Done Right: Why Crash Diets Don’t Work

Lots of people look to crash diets for quick fixes when it comes to weight loss.  If you had the choice to have short term or long term results, which would you choose? Most of us would choose the latter and not the former. No matter what area of your life you are trying to improve, we all crave security and balance. That’s why it is so sad that when we are dieting and trying to improve our health, we look for quick fixes.

These quick fixes can include starving ourselves or even taking laxatives to lose weight.

But this only messes with our metabolic functions and doesn’t give us the results we want. So what are the common wrong ideas and impressions people have about metabolism and it’s function in dieting?

Most weight loss fanatics think only one thing can affect their metabolism but that is not true. Your age, your sex, how much rest you get, and your fat to muscle ratio all affect your overall metabolic rate. Unfortunately, when we want to lose fat fast, we only look at a certain area. An example of this is some one who wants to build muscle mass, but then doesn’t get enough rest. By doing this, they don’t allow their muscles to recover and they face certain injury.

A lot of times, people think that doing mass amounts of cardio workouts will help them shed the fat. And while it’s partly true that sweating helps you lose weight, if you are not replacing that fat with lean muscle, then you are not getting the toned look you were striving for.

Another common mistake is when people try to limit the amount of calories they consume. Most fitness experts will tell you that you need to increase the amount of good food you eat so that your metabolism can continue to work. If you don’t, then the body starts storing fat thinking that it’s in survival mode.

And even if you do lose weight, it could just be from loss of muscle mass and not actual fat. Sure you will lose a small amount of weight, but if you continue dieting this way, you will eventually just be all blubber and not muscle.

The absolute worst thing you can do to is crash diet by taking a weight loss pill. Weight loss pills mess with your bodies natural metabolic function. Weight loss pill may help decrease your cravings and could help you lose a small amount of weight. But, the results are normally very short lived because you go back to doing the same things you always did which made you gain the weight in the first place.

Your health and well being is always going to be important if you want to live a long life. That is why short cuts like diet pills and crash diets never get you the weight loss results you want and could possibly endanger your life.

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