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Program Reviewed: Smart for Life Cookie Diet

Does the Smart for Life cookie diet really work?  Read on for my cookie diet review. After being reported as the favorite way a lot of celebrities are choosing to go to battle against their own weight issues, the Smart for Life Cookie Diet has gained fame in it’s own right. This diet’s widespread popularity comes from it’s basic simplicity, publicity and of course, it’s attention grabbing name.

The fascination with this cookie diet stems from the claim that quite a large amount of weight (in 8 weeks – 30 pounds) can be lost which is enough information to generate a fan following that can’t be compared to any other diet plan to date that has achieved this amount of interest.

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You may be overjoyed at the idea of pigging out on cookies to shape up, but does it really work?

There are market reports, in relation to thyroid patients wanting to follow Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet, that anyone who is already dealing with disorders related to being serious overweight, would do well to go with a simple weight loss method.

As it’s name implies, the Cookie Diet is based on replacing your breakfast and lunch each day with special cookies until you’ve reached your targeted weight goal. The plan is to eat four cookies every day that are meant to replace both breakfast and lunch.

Basically you are forcing yourself to cut way back on calories that will make you drop the weight faster than other methods. The majority of people, when give a opportunity to be a kid at heart again, would be thrilled to trade their usual types of cooked meals in exchange for treats like eating cookies every day.

This would definitely be a low calorie diet and it’s based completely on restricting calories. No exercise is involved or required, and actually the idea of working out when you’ve lowered your calorie intake this much could be unhealthy and downright difficult.

In addition, when this type of plan talks about losing a minimum of 15 pounds up to 30 pounds in a month, someone who is borderline obese would be able to achieve weight loss without going through the expense and pain that can result from using other methods such as liposuction or hypnosis.

At this point the Smart for Life Cookie Diet is receives mixed reviews. There are people who are reporting some fabulous weight loss results. There are some people who claim this is no more than short term solution if you’re not actually planning to change whatever habits you have that were the cause of the weight gain to start with. Another factor to be aware of the cost factor of the cookies, which run approximately $50 for a 2 week supply.

The basis for the Smart for Life Cookie Diet is to eat these low calorie (150 calories each) diet-friendly cookies containing 25 grams of carbs, 5 grams of protein, and a mixture of some 8 grams of sugar along with 4 grams of fiber. So they provide a terrific calorie-cutting substitute for a meal, plus they’re available in a variety of flavors which range from chocolate chip to an oatmeal mixed with lemon and raisin flavor, they will delivery the essential mineral and vitamins counts, as well a the pro-wheat biscuit everyone is looking for to replace additives and refined flour. You’ll also find these cookies are enriched with soy, eggs, and milk to provide a wholesome, healthy food for people who are focused in weight loss.

So let’s talk about the pros and cons when it comes to the Smart for Life Cookie Diet.

Check Out the Pros of the Cookie Diet:

* Quite easy and simple to follow.
* You’ll be getting a better balanced diet with cookies containing more than 13 minerals and vitamins.
* Weight loss in the beginning of the diet happens quickly and inspires you.
* You can find it in local stores in the US or easily order it online.

Check Out Some of the Cons of the Smart for Life Cookie Diet:

* Possibility of being too low in calories for people who are very active.
* Some are claiming the possibility of difficulty in the long term.
* Not an inexpensive option.

Okay, you now have a clear idea of both the advantages and disadvantages of the Cookie Diet. It’s up to you to decide if this sort of plan can work for you or not. Click on the link below to decide for yourself.

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