Cabbage Soup Diet

Cabbage Soup Fans, Galore

Crash diets have been around for a long while, and one of the most persistent and popular diet to date has to be the cabbage soup diet.  With mysterious origins and an unknown author, the cabbage soup diet is a 7-day plan intended to lose weight rapidly and for short-term purposes, though it requires much resilience and patience on part of the dieter, because the famous cabbage soup—which is the central miracle worker of the diet—is not everyone’s idea of bon appétit!

The diet is fairly simple to follow, though not easy to maintain with frequent outing and dinners, as the confines of the diet are quite strict.  Cabbage soup is incumbent every day of the diet.  However, specifically speaking, the first day is fruits except bananas day.   On the second day, one can consume non-starch vegetables, as well as a baked potato for dinner.  The third day allows both fruits and non-starch vegetables.  The fourth day opens the menu to six bananas and six glasses of milk.  The fifth day is meat and tomatoes day.  The sixth is a cross between meat and vegetables.  Finally, the seventh day introduces brown rice, vegetables and fruit juice. The diet advises against repeating the regimen the week after, as it lacks essential nutrients and drains energy from the dieter.

There is no certified cabbage soup recipe, as the cabbage soup diet has been credited to the Sacred Hearts Hospital to stimulate weight loss for surgery patients, as well as other sources, but there is no confirmation of the fact.  However, many versions of it have been around the internet for a long while and a few clicks can pull up a page with the very specs of the recipe.  As a general principle, the recipe contains vegetables from the brassica family (cabbage being a part of it) as well as other vegetables like onions and tomatoes.  Inevitably, the soup is bland and distasteful for many people who take the diet, though many versions spruce it up by adding herbs and spices.

The cabbage soup diet has its critics and supporters, but it really depends on why you want to lose weight.  The diet is great for quick weight loss to fit into a dress for an event or party which is due in a few days, though if you’re looking to slice down your flab for good, the cabbage soup diet plan is not suited for that.  The diet should not be frequently repeated because it is very low in nutrients and high in sodium, which can cause weakness and light-headedness. Also, most of the weight lost is water content and not fat, which is why some time after the diet has ended, the person gains weight swiftly.  Hence, despite its popularity, the cabbage soup diet is not a permanent solution to obesity and is actually detrimental to one’s kidneys and body systems.  So make sure you’re prepared for a temporary result before trying out this diet instead of being put down later.

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