Bulletproof Coffee Review: Is It Any Good?

Worn out and completely out of inspiration, I started searching the internet for Provigil. I had heard about traders using it and I was desperately grasping for something to make productivity easier. After moving 4 times in the last year and becoming jaded about my progress, I ended up at The Bulletproof® Executive by Dave Asprey.

The Bulletproof® Coffee idea he describes on the site seemed pretty ridiculous at first. Coffee with butter? I am usually a half and half, LOTS of sugar, coffee person. I don’t usually do coffee without sweetener and in general, don’t really like coffee. I typically regard it as a caffeine delivery mechanism or a method of last resort (hello college years).


I was swept up in Dave’s enthusiasm about the drink and that of the people in commenting on his creation. Further, he makes a pretty solid point over there. I have recently gone keto and LOVE that, so Bulletproof® Coffee fell right in line with changes I had already made. Somehow the enthusiasm managed to make me hit the order button.

Then… GULP… I realized I have just moved and don’t really have the proper coffee making tools at my disposal (or even in the mountain of boxes I have all over the house). I’ve been meaning to purchase another coffee grinder since an unfortunate incident where I dropped the last one and then my dog started enthusiastically using the cap as a chew toy.

So this led to another search for the correct coffee making items. I have wanted a French press for a long time (weird that I want this since I don’t like coffee, I know).

After looking at a bunch of people’s recommendations for the best way to actually brew the best coffee in the Bulletproof® Exec forum as well as on the site, I settled on the Bodum Brazil French Press Coffee Makerand the KRUPS Coffee Grinder. I chose the Bodium Brazil since it had the highest rating and eight cup capacity. Using Amazon Prime, the grinder and French press came in a snappy two days.
On the third day, I received my Bulletproof® Coffee Kit – Brain Octane Edition order. I was excited with the speed my order arrived. I opened it up and found the package neatly assembled and sealed with tissue paper.

This looked slick very slick, Bulletproof® Sticker and everything. Excellent branding.

Bulletproof® Coffee Kit Packaging

Here’s what it looked like after opening:

Bulletproof® Coffee Kit

Here are all of my items assembled:

Bulletproof Coffee Ingredients

I made the coffee using the instructions:

Bulletproof® Coffee Instructions

I started with a whole tablespoon of Bulletproof® Brain Octane Oil, which I figured would work out of the starting gate since I’m already eating pretty high fat. Be careful if you’re new to high fat, you can really get a strong stomach ache if you overdo it. I also used a tablespoon of normal butter to get rolling. The one thing I did wrong in this recipe was that I didn’t have grass fed butter. I’m somewhere rural, so I’m going to be searching for grass fed ghee on Amazon to get shipped here, ASAP. I realize I didn’t do this coffee optimally and I really want to! The instructions suggest that you start with a teaspoon of Brain Octane Oil, aiming for one-two tablespoons per coffee and work up to two tablespoons of grass fed butter.

Hot Coffee, Butter & Brain Octane Oil

I put it all together in my Magic Bullet
(love this thing, I use it for every blended drink I make) rather than a blender since I wanted the whole thing to be easy to clean up.

Magic Bullet Blending

The coffee ended up being a pretty frothy consistency. I was a little surprised. Since the coffee I’ve drank in the past was really no frills, this was a welcomed change.

Finished Bulletproof Coffee

Bulletproof® Coffee Initial Impressions

The recipe only makes an 8 oz. cup, so this was an adjustment from the normal whole 12 cups of coffee I would make if I was trying to use it as a caffeine delivery mechanism. The frothy consistency is nice and attractive. At 225 calories per 8 oz the way I made it today, I have to admit that even though it’s keto, I’m concerned about the calories (old habits die really, really hard).

However, I’m not using sugar or sweetener of any kind so I feel okay about it.

Bulletproof® Coffee Taste

The taste is awesome. This coffee tastes delicious! I really couldn’t believe how tasty this was. I have never, ever thought that I would actually enjoy, and crave more coffee without sweetener of any kind. This was a very pleasant surprise.

My sentiment mirrors that of the majority of Bulletproof® Coffee drinkers on Dave’s site. I’m surprised, Bulletproof® coffee is definitely not overrated.

Bulletproof® Coffee Effects

After a few minutes, I started feeling enthusiastic about ploughing through tasks I had scheduled for the day.

In the first hour since I drank this, I’ve gotten several dreaded, long emails returned, added a favicon to a website, and written 1000 words. Pretty good. I’m looking forward to checking out how this effect lasts over the next few hours. I don’t feel the same kind of GO GO GO jittery that I normally would, more like a calm, motivated push of energy. I want to get used to this.

UPDATE: The calm, energetic feeling from this coffee lasted me a whopping six hours. At the end of the six hours I felt absolutely no crash. I wasn’t hungry, and didn’t need to stop working at all.

Also, the brain fog that I’ve been experiencing for months despite eating a very clean diet has lifted. Usually I fizzle out because of both hunger and boredom after a three to four hour stint of continuous attention. I didn’t feel like I was forcing it. A cool, calm and focused feeling the whole time. Awesome. Very, very worth it.

Bulletproof® Coffee Review Bottom Line

I’m making this for breakfast again tomorrow. And most likely the day after that. Also, I’m going to the store TONIGHT to search for Ghee or pasture butter or SOMETHING to see how this feels after I’ve added grass fed butter per all of the warnings and instructions. Since I had such great results the first time and I didn’t follow the recipe to the letter, I’m excited to see the results after I get this one final ingredient.

Bulletproof® coffee is not cheap. Consider what you’re paying for. What is ease of flow and improved creativity worth? Quite a lot to me. Here are the tools I used to make it happen:

Bulletproof® Coffee Kit – Brain Octane Edition (cheaper than buying all of the component parts if I grabbed the Brain Octane Edition)

Bodum Brazil 8-Cup French Press Coffee Maker, 34-Ounce, Black

KRUPS 203-42 Electric Spice and Coffee Grinder with Stainless Steel Blades, Black

KerryGold Butter (look for this one at your local grocery store, sadly not available on Amazon right now) or Grassfed Organic Ghee(if you’re having problems finding the butter).

I would consider this experiment a huge success. I hope you enjoyed my Bulletproof coffee review.
Try Bulletproof® coffee for yourself and let me know how it went!

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