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Body By EatsReviewer: Elliot Erikson
Rating: 5 Stars
Program reviewed: Body By Eats by Leigh Peele

I recently had the pleasure of checking out Leigh Peele’s new food system, Body by Eats. I have to say that Leigh Peele has really done it again with her new book.  The system starts off with a very interesting setup for change your mindset about food.  She debunks common mis-perceptions about nutrition, and explains research behind common food issues.

In addition to the great recipes and delicious food, this book answers the questions that come up after the confusing media machine that has buy-in for what we eat like:

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  • Should you eat carbs?
  • Is organic really better for you?
  • Should you eat grass fed or regular beef?
  • Are artificial sweeteners safe?
  • What about those plastics that are supposedly leeching into your food?
  • What foods are actually safe and nutritious to eat?
  • Are vegan and vegetarian diets healthy?
  • What the heck should I eat anyway?
  • The secret reason why you should cook, and it isn’t what you think it is.

And, since the whole point is the food, Body By Eats also has over a 100 great, healthy recipes.


If you love food, you’ve come to the right place.  Leigh Peele does too, and she won’t tell you to throw out everything you love and start eating boneless, skinless chicken breasts and broccoli for every meal.  The Body By Eats system is full of recipes, and good ones too.

I highly recommend that you get the whole enchilada program, the Gold version, that comes with the desserts and bulking cookbooks, because really, more options are better, especially when you’re looking for something sweet or trying to do something specialized like bulk up.  But at any rate, go for the gold, and get the whole thing.  This is your health we’re talking about.

Body By Eats will help you figure out what is right for you in regards to what you eat, it is not full of preachy rules and half truths.  Leigh is devoted to helping you figure out what you’re doing right and what could be changed, but best of all who you actually are in regards to what you eat.

There is a  lot of information about issues that keep coming up in the media that are confusing and misleading.  This is a book for people who THINK ABOUT what they’re eating, and are trying to do the right thing (even when they don’t always know what that is).

Best of all, you get the benefit of Leigh’s personal research and experience with personal training, which is worth its weight in gold.

If you’ve tried lots of diets in the past and failed miserably because you didn’t like the food and always kept coming back to that, this is the book for you.

All of the information is delivered in Leigh Peele’s typical humorous manner.  It is impossible to read anything she writes and actually be bored.  I read a lot of nutrition books for this site, and frankly, most sound like VCR instructions.  I find my eyes glazing over and just hoping for it to end quickly.  This is never the case with Leigh’s book, or her previous book, The Fat Loss Troubleshoot (which is amazing if you’ve hit a fat loss plateau by the way).

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You have to be ready to examine your own misconceptions about your diet.  This is truly about food and your relationship with it.  Leigh doesn’t provide you with a strict “eat this, eat that” plan, it is more open ended.  But that is the genius and beauty of it.  She provides the tools to figure out what could work for you in regards to what you eat, but you have to pick them up and use them.

This is a nutritional system for thinkers, and people willing to work.  If you need a cut and paste “diet” where someone tells you exactly what to eat from day to day, this is not your system.  If you want hand holding, this is not your system.  If you want to eat great food and look great too, this is your system.


Body By Eats is filled with delicious recipes, awesome research and it is compulsively readable.  My eyes didn’t glaze over, I didn’t skim, Leigh Peele drew me in and I read this book in one sitting. Afterward, I wanted to go to the store to get ingredients to cook with even though it was 1 o’clock in the morning.

I printed out the recipes and got the whole thing made into a paper copy so I can take it into the kitchen.  I don’t do that very often, there are few systems that capture my attention so strongly and drive me to action.  After reading Leigh’s other book, The Fat Loss Troubleshoot, and knowing what magic that can work on one’s fat loss plateaus, I trust that Body By EatsLeigh Peele knows what she’s talking about.  She has definitely done it again with Body By Eats.

I hope you enjoyed my Body By Eats review.  Check out an interview with Leigh Peele about the Body By Eats program.

Note: Body By Eats is a down-loadable ebook.  Once you click on the link below to go to Body By Eats and purchase the program, you’ll be able to start immediately.

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