Best Weight Loss Methods

There is a reason why the professional weight loss industry has become a multi-billion dollar enterprise: most people want to know the best weight loss methods, and they want the path of least resistance to achieve their goals. The problem, however, is that healthy weight loss takes time and effort, and there’s no magic pill or quick fix to shed those pounds.

The only real guaranteed weight loss method is to eat healthy, exercise, and stick to your eating plan through thick and thin. The following diets mentioned below may work wonders for some and may not work at all for others. Take the method that works for you and go with it.

Healthy Eating/Exercise

The reason why so many people hate the idea of eating right and exercising is because this method isn’t easy and you don’t get immediate results.  You have to work hard and be patient. It takes weeks or months depending on how much weight you want to lose, but this is by far the best weight loss method.  The slow way works!

The thing about this plan is that it isn’t a punishment, it is a total lifestyle change. Pick healthy foods you like and pick exercises you enjoy doing. Before you know it, that weight will be gone and you’ll be a healthier, thinner person.


No diet has gotten more ink over the last ten years than the Atkins diet. The philosophy behind the Atkins diet is that carbs are bad for you and they are the chief reason why many of us have extra weight. At first, the Atkins diet is a blast. You can eat all of the meat you want, but no breads, pastas, rice, or any other form of carbs, especially sugar. After a while, however, the lure of crusty rolls and doughnuts is simply too much for most people. And while this diet is effective in helping many people shed the weight, there is plenty of controversy over whether or not it is good for your body.

Hollywood Diet

We’ve all seen the infomercial starring that god awful bottle filled with chunky red/orange goo that will help you drop up to 10 pounds in a weekend. Not only is this diet tough to stick to, but that goo tastes terrible. Worst of all, this diet only helps you lose weight temporarily.

That ten pounds that melts off your body is water weight, not fat. That means the moment you go back to eating regular food, that ten pounds comes back so fast it might give you whiplash. This diet is incredibly bad for you, so don’t even consider putting your body through it.


One type of diet that is rapidly growing in popularity is fasting. For the most part, many people fast as a way to cleanse the body of impurities and not as a way to lose weight, which is good because fasting too often can be incredibly bad for your body. When you fast, your body loses muscle as well as fat.

When you diet, you want to lose fat and build muscle, so if you are considering fasting as a weight loss solution, you may want to rethink your game plan. If you do choose to fast, however, please do so with the supervision and advice of a medical professional.

In your search for the best weight loss methods, keep in mind that quality and consistency are the best tools in your fight to lose weight.


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