Athletic Greens Review

Reviewer: Elliot Erikson
Rating: 5 stars
Product Reviewed: Athletic Greens

I decided to try Athletic Greens for 30 days, from Timothy Ferriss’s recommendation in The 4 Hour Body. I wanted to share what I found out about this greens supplement.

Athletic Greens Review – Pros

  • More energy, I seemed to need less sleep also
  • More nutritionally balanced than other greens supplements
  • Combined well with my morning protein shake
  • Easier than eating 12 servings of fruits and vegetables (each tablespoon has the same amount of nutrients as 10-12 servings of fruits and vegetables).
  • 60 day complete guarantee – they’ll refund you 100% if you don’t like the product for any reason

I found the Athletic Greens supplement to be very easy to use, it tastes pretty good, like a green, pineapple sort of flavor. It was very easy to drink when adding it to water, and I didn’t choke it down like some other greens supplements I’ve tried.

Usually, I like to add it to my morning protein shake, which I also put protein powder into. Sometimes when I add other things to this shake, it makes the shake taste bad, and off. Not so with Athletic Greens, which actually added to the flavor of the shake in a good way.

I also noticed that I had more energy after 30 days, while eating pretty close to the same diet.

When I contacted the company to ask them questions about their product, I found them really easy to talk to and responsive. I have no doubt that if you absolutely didn’t like Athletic Greens for whatever reason, they would definitely make good on their 60 day guarantee.

Athletic Greens Review- Cons

  • Athletic Greens comes in powered form, so you put it into a drink. Luckily, it tastes pretty good, compared to other green supplements. A little like grass and pineapple put together.

Other than this, I couldn’t see too much that I disliked about Athletic Greens. Even after my 30 day trial of this product, I’m going to continue to use it in the morning with my pre-workout protein shake.

Athletic Greens Review- Conclusion

I was initially skeptical that I would actually enjoy a greens supplement.  Before, I had viewed greens supplements as sort of a necessary evil. I put them in my morning protein shake, and choked them down.

This all changed when I tried Athletic Greens for this 30 day trial.  I found that Athletic Greens worked well for my needs, and I appreciated how convenient it was to order, no more hunting down the right greens supplement at my local health food store, and spending a half hour trying to compare ingredients.

Athletic Greens Where to Buy

You can purchase Athletic Greens online through their website here.

Thanks for reading my athletic greens review.  Try it for yourself below …

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