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This Anabolic Cooking review has determined that there are three main parts of this system:  the quick start guide, the cookbook and an article on the ugly truth about supplements.  The Anabolic Cooking system is designed to teach its users how to identify the types of nutrients in food and adjust their cooking habits to accommodate muscle building and overall fitness.  The three macro-nutrients identified by the review of Anabolic Cooking are proteins, fats and carbohydrates.   The types of food rich in these essential nutrients which are important for muscle building and fitness are also shown.

The Anabolic Cooking review illustrates a shopping guide included in the quick start book.  The shopping guide included gives simple hints, such as, “avoid junk food” and “buy fresh.”  Also included in this portion of the book are the ingredients,kitchen tools and utensils needed for cooking.

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This Anabolic Cooking review also recognizes other nice little bits of information included in this guide, as well as the main components.  For example, the guide states that drinking water is essential in achieving your goal to fitness.  There is also a short section on cheats that one can use when eating out.  Two of the final sections of the quick guide talks about what types of food to eat before and after a workout for better results.  Pre-workout foods include those that give additional energy and promote muscle growth, while those to be eaten after a workout include foods high in nutrients to promote fitness and limit muscle damages.

At the very end of the quick start guide is a list of simple cooking terms and definitions to help anyone to better understand the system.  It is determined that this list is very comprehensive and will turn almost anyone into a great cook with the help of the Anabolic Cooking cookbook.  Let’s discuss this cookbook next.

The cookbook is very comprehensive and includes recipes for many different meals, even snacks.  Included in the cookbook are sections on breakfast, fish and seafood, beef and red meat, chicken and poultry, desserts, salads, soups and snacks.  The cookbook contains recipes that can be used for full meals, light snacks and even special treats (such as a chocolate cake).

The Anabolic Cooking system also consists bonus products.  The first bonus reveals seven meal planning guides.  If you do not want to stretch your imagination and make unique meals on a daily basis, these meal guides will allow you to have different meals each day of the week anyway.  Each meal plan includes breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, snack, during workout and after workout foods.

By keeping track of what you eat and how much you work out, and adjusting your cooking and eating habits, the Anabolic Cooking system will enable you to achieve your muscle building and excellent fitness goal.  This review has found this system to be one of the most comprehensive and effective eating and cooking guide in the market for promotion of muscle building and fitness.


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